The Saudis play a two faced game, wanting their cake and eat it too.
1.Desire for U.S. technology, consumer goods and assured hegemony in their region
2.Walking a fine line to save face in the OPEC community and with their Islamic brethren.

Since the Saudi Cash Laundering deal clinched a continuous supply of oil for the U.S. (no more shortages as in the ’70’s) and was extraordinarily lucrative for the powers that be and Halliburton et al, wouldn’t these powers that be go to any length to placate and mollify the Saudis and cater to any whim or caprice to keep the deal in place?


As you well know, we must fund and support fundamental Jihadists to maintain status in the Moslem World. However, in today’s political climate and with the common perception that we are in bed with the Capitalist Satan, lip service to conservative religious values is not enough.
We need you to SANCTION an event we would enact on U.S. SOVEREIGN SOIL that would result in MINIMAL COLLATERAL DAMAGE to you, but would MAXIMIZE PR VALUES FOR US. This is a small favor to ask an esteemed business partner in order to insure our mutual favorable future relations.
The event would categorically state that the Saudis are NOT WIMPING OUT.
We would be able to reply to our critics and react in the same manner as Papa Bush’s creative implementation of the MONROE DOCTRINE in the public flogging of Norieaga and the invasion of Panama or the chastisement of Saddam in the Gulf War. He truly sent a message to the world.

We will do our utmost to accommodate you in this matter.
We have a couple of obsolete office buildings in Manhattan that will fit the bill perfectly for a son et lumiere show. We can insure these buildings to the hilt in order to hedge our losses and may be able to put a spin on the spectacle that will also work to our advantage. To assure success and augment the total impact, we could possibly stage an ancillary concurrent side show at the Capitol . If there is any negative fallout we can tighten the screws and contain it. As the old saying goes,

“A nation of sheep, ruled by wolves can’t talk Baaaak.”

To avoid any unfortunate consequences from a possible backlash, we strongly advise flying the Bin Laden family out of the country on our nickel, prior to the event. As we helped our colleague in arms, Osama, in the Chechen conflict, we always take care of family first. What are friends for? Always great doing business with you.





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