The nine steps which are helpful to stay young are:

* Don’t miss the breakfast
* Take vitamins required for you according to your age
* Fill up with fiber
* Be active
* Check your blood pressure levels frequently
* Floss the teeth
* Laugh and laugh
* Reduce stress
* Follow healthy diet

Don’t miss the breakfast: Recent studies proved that people who eat breakfast live for long period of time when compared to the people who don’t eat breakfast in the mornings. While eating the breakfast, select the food which has high nutritional values in it.

Take vitamins required for you according to your age: People of different ages need different types of vitamins and proteins. Consuming the multivitamin supplement is the easiest way to obtain all the vitamins necessary for you.

Fill up with fiber: High fiber diet will make you to feel full and also lowers your rate of aging. It also aids in stabilizing blood glucose levels, digestion and also lowers the risk of getting heart attack.

Be active: Exercise is the main thing which makes your mind and body active. When you compare the person who practices exercise regularly to the person who don’t practice exercise, certainly the person who performs exercise regularly will be more active than him.

Regular practice of exercise makes you to feel and look great and it also makes you to look younger than your age.

Check your blood pressure levels more frequently: By frequently checking your blood pressure levels you will come to know what the rate of your blood pressure is. Ideally it must stay in 115/75 Hg or low.

Floss the teeth: Regular flossing of teeth not only makes your teeth clean and white, but also aids positive effect on your oral health and indirect benefit to your heart.

Laugh and laugh: Laughing is the best medicine, which makes all the body parts more active. If you are unable to laugh on your own, plan to watch a comedy film along with your friends. Certainly you will enjoy a lot in the movie along with the company of your friends.

Reduce stress: Don’t feel tense or stress in any situation. In any case if you obtain it, avoid it by following stress relief techniques because stress can hamper the function of your immune system and also opens the door of needless aging.

Follow healthy diet: Healthy diet makes your mind and body stay in perfect condition without any health problems. The aging signs will also reduce if you follow proper diet according to your age.


3jpeg-1.gif Reprinted from Fitness Health Zone



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  1. nice set of guidelines – not too sure about the blood pressure levels you cite – this blood pressure blog suggests that anything below 140 over 80 is considered okay

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