‘Keith and people like that have banged their heads against the wall for

years saying ‘Legalize pot.’ But they’re farther behind now than they were

20 years ago.’

Riley says Stroup’s career reminds him of a line from the movie ‘The Big

Lebowski’: ‘The ’60s are over, Lebowski. The bums lost. My condolences.’

> Keep on Tokin’

‘I have no doubt I’ll be smoking marijuana the day I die,’ Stroup says.

He loves the weed. He smokes it nearly every night. He comes home from

work, pours a glass of chardonnay, lights up a joint and turns on the TV news.

He does not smoke pot when he has to work or drive, he says, because, as

the movies of stoner comedians Cheech and Chong prove, pot can make you


‘I learned a long time ago that some of those Cheech and Chong jokes are

very real,’ he says. ‘If you’re in a social setting and you’re smoking

marijuana, there are going to be a lot of those Cheech and Chong

situations, where you feel real strongly about something and you start a

conversation and about halfway through you forget what the point was.’ He

laughs. ‘But that’s only when you’re stoned. Four hours later, you don’t

have that.’

His new wife doesn’t share his passion for pot. Neither does his

35-year-old daughter, who recently had a baby boy, making Stroup a

grandfather. He doesn’t care that they don’t smoke pot and he doesn’t think

anybody should care that he does smoke it. Forty years of serious inhaling,

he claims, hasn’t harmed his body or his mind.

‘There’s absolutely nothing wrong with it,’ he says, ‘and it should be of

no interest or concern to the government.’

Despite his candor on the topic, Stroup hasn’t been busted since his

Canadian misadventures. But he knows the government and its drug war are

always out there, and that can make a guy paranoid


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