American Claims Discovery of Atlantis

American Claims Discovery of Atlantis

Updated 2:20 PM ET November 15, 2004


LIMASSOL, Cyprus (AP) – An American researcher claimed Sunday to have discovered the remains of the legendary lost city of Atlantis on the bottom of the east Mediterranean Sea, but Cyprus’ chief government archaeologist was skeptical.

Robert Sarmast said sonar scanning 50 miles southeast of Cyprus revealed man-made walls, one as long as 2 miles, and trenches at a depth of 1,640 yards.

‘It is a miracle we found these walls as their location and lengths match exactly the description of the acropolis of Atlantis provided by Plato in his writings,’ Sarmast said, referring to the ancient Greek philosopher.

The chief government archaeologist of Cyprus, Pavlos Flourentzos, reacted with skepticism, telling The Associated Press: ‘More proof is necessary.’

Sarmast, 38, is an architect by training from Los Angeles. He has devoted the past 2 1/2 years to trying to locate the


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