Francis Bacon called his 1627 book on the ideal state The New Atlantis.

Chief government archaeologist Flourentzos said it was possible that Atlantis was near Cyprus.

‘The myth of Atlantis has been around for ages and it is generally believed that, if it ever existed, it was somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean _ hence its name. But ancient cities and civilizations in the Mediterranean region, such as the Minoan civilization of Crete, have disappeared as a result of major volcanic eruptions and earthquakes. For all we know, Atlantis may well have existed in our region.’

Sarmast said his expedition had cost about a $250,000. The funds came from public donations to his US-based company ‘First Source Enterprise,’ which is devoted to the project, sales of his book ‘The Discovery of Atlantis,’ and the Cypriot Tourist Organization, which donated $60,000.

He said the book, published in September 2003, said Atlantis was in the east Mediterranean and his latest sonars confirmed it.”


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