How Many Facets Can a Non-Existent Jewel Have? – Three Path-of-Realization Tales

John Fudjack and Patricia Dinkelaker – June, 1999

In this paper we take a look at three tales that have a clear ‘path of realization’ message. Our purpose in doing this is to arrive at a more precise understanding of the nature and status of what we have been calling ‘spiritual qualities’.

The first tale – Frank Baum’s ‘Wizard of Oz’ – is one with which most individuals in our culture will already have some familiarity, so there will be no need to retell the tale. We will simply focus our efforts on the interesting manner in which Dorothy and her companions are portrayed as already possessing the qualities that they set out in search of on their journey through Oz. In the ‘Path of Realization’ approach, as we have seen, human beings are conceived as possessing a ‘true nature’ that exists from the very beginning, even if temporarily obscured. And this tale follows that tradition.


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