“Even the Wizard, who we are likely to dismiss as nothing but smoke and mirrors after he has been exposed by Toto, actually possesses the wisdom to ceremonially ‘confer’ the qualities that the others come to him to get. Like the ‘Simorgh’ in the CONFERENCE OF BIRDS, we eventually discover that he is a reflection or projection of the divine wisdom that is innately inherent in the human being. Here we have a sweet irony indeed. The Wizard is a charlatan, but one who turns out to have real wisdom after-all!

The metaphor that is often used on the spiritual path to represent the enlightened ‘Qualities’ that in some form pre-exist the spiritual quest – as innate but obscured components of the individual’s makeup – is the image of buried (or otherwise hidden) treasure. This is the precious jewel that is ENCLOSED within an ordinary wrapping (like the ‘point’ or bindu in the center of the mandala, or the well-known ‘jewel in the lotus’ image).


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