Riders on the Storm

These two fellas. Boy and Girl fell about 30 feet out of their nest in our large Oak tree at approx 6:00am Saturday August 28 during high winds in a thunderstorm.

Found lying in the yard at about 9:00am wet scared and barely alive. The male had hit on a rock and had a bloody nose.(Was no expected to make it-suspected internal

injuries. Took both inside and wrapped in towels to dry and placed in box with heating pad. Googled on internet and downloaded “Raising Orphaned Squirrels” (Ah the wonders of the web).Said to buy puppy formula and feed with eyedropper. Article stated they open eyes at 5 weeks and can be put in cage and started on solid food along with the formula – and wonder of wonders the unharmed female opened her eyes

Sunday morning and the injured male (eyes still closed) gained an appetite. Will keep you posted on this domestication experiment. Just lucky they were 5 weeks old and mature enough to be raised. Left them outside in the sun on the picnic table yesterday after the storm to see if the mother would reclaim them but my guess is that they were to big to carry back to the nest. So its up to us for a while.


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  1. How very sweet of you to help the squirrels out. Sorry I have been so “blog” remiss lately. I finished “Footloose” yesterday and started teaching school today and have a sore throat and stuffy nose to boot. Classes went well today and I am loving my new digs. I will try to post something later today.

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