REVERCHON, JULIEN (1837-1905). Julien Reverchon, botanist and colonist, was born on August 3, 1837, in Diemoz, France. His mother was the primary source of his education. He began his life-long work of specimen collection as a boy. His father subscribed to François M. C. Fourier’s utopian social philosophy and, after a failed effort in Algeria, decided to join Victor P. Considérant’sqv La Réunionqv near Dallas, Texas.. Julien accompanied his father and left his collection of more than 2,000 plant species with his brother. They arrived at La Réunion in December 1856 and learned of the colony’s failure, so they bought a small farm nearby There Julien worked and studied the local plant life. … during a fossil-finding expedition with Jacob Bollqv in West Texas in September 1879, he found the plant from which Asa Gray named the genus Reverchonia. Several other botanists also named plant species for Reverchon. In 1885 he spent several months exploring an area of Southwest Texas as yet unvisited by botanists. . . during the last ten years of his life he was professor of botany at the Baylor University College of Medicine and Pharmacy at Dallas. At his death,Rose Cottage, Reverchon’s farm, housed more than 2,600 species and more than 20,000 specimens of Texas plants. He was buried in the cemetery of the old French colony. The city of Dallas named Reverchon Park in his honor.


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