Sortes Virgilianae


This is a species of divination performed by opening the works of

Virgil and Homer, and the Bible, and observing the lines covered by the

thumb immediately thereupon ; which lines, if in any way applicable to

one’s condition, are accounted prophetic. The custom of so dealing with

Homer and Virgil apparently is of very ancient date ; and those who

resorted to this mode of divination were said to try the sortes

Homericaa, or sortes Virgilianae. 

 The superstitious among the ancient Christians practised a similarkind of divination by opening the Old and New Testament. 


3 Responses

  1. Also known a “a pionte nominee” (when i dip for it or look for it)

  2. Damn, misspelled again -pointe –

  3. sortes translates to “luck”

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