What is a blog?


The Flavor of the week? – More?

Keith raises a good point in his reply after his first trip to look at what I had provisionally termed “blog”.My original working

plan was to design a space or clearinghouse where family and friends could occasionally check to see where my current thinking and interests were headed. In this first week I relied on visuals to create content(there is a learning curve)and added some links I thought were of interest and might have been overlooked. In the future I will pare back the links list and try to update them often.

Visuals CAN create interesting content-but- I also added space to

comment on anything pro or con if anyone so desired. Creating a dialogue is is also a primary goal of this enterprise.

I am very interested in the Wunderkammer concept on the artistic and conceptual level (in its parallel to the web as a container of wonders and marvels)and thus the name on the masthead.

The Wunderkammer was used as a showcase for the nobility and learned of the many odd discoveries resulting from the scientific revolution and eventually evolved into the modern museum concept.

I liked collecting marbles toys odds and ends in a cigar box as a child. I am fascinated by the hidden and mysterious aspect of what may lie hidden inside a magic cabinet or box. The Wunderkammer as a receptacle for a melange of varied items was my starting point and working plan on this project.

Admittedly I am a novice at HTML and Webpages but through comments and dialogue I am sure the content will improve and provide a semblance of “Open Sesame” or unleash the hell inside Pandora’s Box.


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