Bob Johnson & Telluride

After I returned from Mexico in April ’68 and after my first child Terri Ann was born in Mexico City in October ’67, I was hired by the senior creative director Bob Johnson to be a TV Commercial producer for Glenn Advertising in Dallas, Texas. I worked with Bob at Glenn Adv.for six or seven years until it merged with Bozell-Jacobs Advertising. During those years my first son Dustin was born in 1970 and my second son Mark was born in 1973. After the Bozell-Jacobs merger, I then took my accrued profit sharing, bought a fix -up victorian home on Oak Street and moved to Telluride, Colorado in the southwest corner of the state, nestled in a beautiful cul-de sac in the San Juan Mountains.

I continued to work in the tv commercial/advertising field on a free lance basis, commuting back and forth from Dallas, Texas (a 24 hour drive). Needless to say, as in any business, out of sight -out of mind. On the positive side Bob and I have remained friends throughout my life and I still hold a sweet spot in my heart for Bob and that magical, beautiful small town in Colorado.


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