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This is an experiment in ordering thoughts, cataloguing of varied likes and dislikes and a general grabbag of intersting or annoying items.

My goal is to update at least with one item per day, hopefully more.

I’ve never been very disciplined in keeping a journal, but I find have a long list of favorites in my browser and many zipdiscs of photos and visuals that I have never been able to share in a organized manner. I fear that it wiil seem chaotic in the beginning but maybe with time a thread or series of paths will develop themes that will have meaning for others as well as myself.

One final reason for starting this blog is so my grandchildren,

Ramona, Derek and Gavin can take a look and see what is going on in our widely scattered families. Today – May 24 – is Gavin’s birthday.


hiss of leaves

washing snaps

on the line

Editor’s Choice – South x Southeast

Volume 11-#1

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